There’s no doubt that rugby is a global game and those clubs that embrace the recruitment of new players will thrive. New ideas from quality players can have a massively positive effect on the club and team, both on and off the pitch. Players recruited in key positions can also significantly improve the overall strength of a team or club as a whole.

If however the recruitment of players is not done well it can be costly and frustrating for all parties involved. This is why we feel it’s essential that the process is completed in a professional manner, one that we at TRYTIME can provide.


Services TRYTIME can offer your club

We offer a complete professional service so you get exactly what you're looking for. This includes any number of the following:

  • Recruiting players
  • Consulting about contracts and what should be included
  • Assistance preparing contracts
  • Consultation regarding player retention and development
  • Assistance with suitable Visas & Flights
  • Marketing your club

We ensure that CV’s presented to you will be on a standardised template and that all information included will be legitimate, because we are recruiting players we know. We think this is an important part of the recruitment process so you can compare players accurately and because we recognize the huge risk of players including false information in their CV. We also ask players to provide video footage for your viewing if possible.

Perhaps our biggest value adding opportunity for clubs is consultion around the retention and development of players however. Many clubs these days are losing players to rival codes, rival clubs or overseas markets so it is important that if your club wants to stay in front of the competition that you utilise some of the ideas and resources we have at our disposal. Dealing with 200+ clubs in numerous countries has allowed us to witness and use a number of ideas and techniques to both attract and retain the right players for your club so please feel free to use our experience when using our services.

As previously mentioned we also have experience dealing with contracts and what needs to be included and are always happy to help with this or prepare the contract for clubs to ensure risk is minimised even further.

We offer a one month trial period upon signing a player. Thus in the unlikely event you’re not satisfied, our fees will either be refunded or credited to your club. 

To ensure you are getting the most out of our services we will maintain communication with you during the season. If there is anything you feel we are not providing or could do better or just want to make a recommendation then we hope you will communicate that with us.

Obviously we also have some expectations on clubs which you can read about in our introduction letter where we include our terms of engagement. If you would like further information about the services we can offer your club please contact us.