Trytime offer 1:1 coaching, as well as small group coaching sessions.  We understand that players enjoy the more targeted approach, whether it be for their specific position (eg, halfback passing, goal kicking, body shape) or fitness.  We have specialist coaches to cover any position or area you would like more coaching on.

We do regular video and photos with players so they can see themselves and their technique.  This allows them to really understand the areas they need to work on and the areas they are strong in.  It allows our coaches to be very specific with technique, safety, and body position.  The players really enjoy seeing their progress along the way too.


We also work with a large number of clubs to further develop their coaches. These ‘coaching the coaches’’ sessions can add significant value to clubs looking to improve the standard of coaching right throughout the club. These sessions can range from being as simple as assisting with ideas and drills for use during coaching sessions, through to developing and implementing full rugby programs throughout a club.  

We thrive on assisting players and coaches by encouraging them to be the best they can be, both on and off the field.  We promote hard work, commitment, dedication and passion and ensure players and coaches have good habits, even (& especially) when no one is watching.


After being moved to halfback in the school team, my son started working 1:1 with Mike Cross to improve his pass.  Over the ensuing year, my son developed a bullet pass, but more importantly the knowledge and confidence to become a devastating halfback, in both attack and defence.  Mike takes an holistic approach to 1:1 coaching, which results in a more rounded, more effective, and more confident player.  I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Mike Muskens,  Wahroonga, Sydney

“Mike’s skill set as a professional rugby coach encompasses the technical, physical and mental aspects of the game. He has nurtured a strong understanding of these aspects in both my sons both on and off the field. Mike has tremendous passion and outstanding abilities to tailor his coaching style to the age and development of any player “

David Hansen,  Wahroonga, Sydney