When you register on our website you will be asked to fill in a number of details. This is essentially to create a rugby cv that we will then have on file and be able to send to clubs. It is important you fill in this correctly so we can market you as well as possible.  Once you have registered and we have had the chance to approve your cv then you will get email updates about opportunities around the world. 

There are many do’s and dont’s when it comes to filling in a CV for employment. In the same way when writing a Rugby CV there are a number of things that, having spoken to many leading clubs and coaches, ensure a players CV will stand out for all the right reasons.

Below are a few bullet point suggestions of what should be included in your registration and the more of these you have the more chance we have of marketing you.

  • Photo and video
    A good quality photo gives the club a face to put to the name. Good footage also enforces what you are saying.
  • References from a good source
    A reference from a quality coach or director of rugby shows clubs that you have played at a good level and will hold credibility with those viewing the CV
  • Highlighting best bits
    When writing about your past clubs, representative career, and skills be precise and to the point. List your very best achievements only.
  • Try to get your personality across
    Clubs want to know they are getting a top person and not just a top player. Where possible try to add a touch of your personality to your CV
  • Don’t lie!
    The rugby community is a small one. People who lie on their CV’s get found out very quickly

 To get in touch with us please email us in the contact section. Please understand we only accept registrations for players who we think will represent us well.